Message from the President

Bill Pollock, Strategies For Growth For many of us, 2013 is a year of transition and change – a year in which we are able to grow our businesses once again – a year that has allowed us to re-strategize, re-focus, regroup, and reposition ourselves to best take advantage of both an improving economy and an increasingly savvy services market sector. For those of us who continue to keep ourselves on the vanguard of technology and marketing, we have been rewarded through improved capabilities, market awareness – and sales!

Although 2013 looks like it has the potential to take us all back over the top once again, we will still need to leverage all of our available time, resources and tools to allow us to do what we do best - that is, provide our customers with the highest levels of customer service, technical support and professional services; resulting in our respective organizations benefiting from the highest levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

The services sector bellwethers that we should all continue to monitor over the next several months are the global realization that (1) customers now have more services options available to them than ever before; (2) technology empowers even the smallest of companies to go "global" in their sales, marketing, and service delivery efforts; and (3) there is seemingly no limit to the vast opportunities that are available to services providers if they offer the right products; to the right markets; through the right channels; and via the right sales, marketing and promotional media. We've all heard that "the customer is always right." Well, once again in 2013, the providers will also have to be "right" in order to flourish.

After an extended period of downsizing and outsourcing, many organizations are also finding it helpful to bring in outside firms to assist them in building an effective (and objective) business process evaluation/re-engineering program to position themselves optimally for future growth and expansion. Using an outside firm to conduct and analyze the results of a customer needs and requirements assessment/satisfaction survey has also become popular again. As you know, we believe that an outside party can really help you to see yourself – and how you operate – better. As well as how you will need to change the way in which you will need to operate in the future.

As for Strategies For GrowthSM, we will continue to keep current through our ongoing interaction with clients, prospects and partners; our active participation with services trade associations and event organizations such as The Service Council™, the Reverse Logistics Association, WBR’s Field Service and Interlog, and various IQPC conferences; and we still write regularly for the services trade publications that cover our – and your – relevant marketspace. More than six dozen article, column and "white paper" downloads are easily accessible - free of charge - on the SFGSM website (e.g., click on the "Publications" icon at the top of this webpage); and more will be added shortly.

We wish you all the best in 2013 for continued prosperity and growth. Please let us know how we can help!

William K. Pollock

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