Business Process Evaluation/Reengineering (BPE/R) Consulting

- Summary of Basic Program Tasks, Main Program Elements and Principal Applications and Results -

Program Task Main Program Elements Applications/Results
1. Initiate the Business Process Evaluation/
Reengineering Effort
  • Management/staff interviews & discussions
  • High level organization/function survey
  • Determination of scope of study and required
  • Initial management presentation
  • Validation of goals and objectives for the
         business process evaluation/reengineering
  • Identification of the areas of operations to be
         included in the evaluation/reengineering
  • Quantification of the required work effort and
         identification of the required resources to
         carry it out
  • Reaching consensus on the process plan
  • 2. Assess Existing Processes, Systems
    and Operations
  • Process analysis - Identification/assessment
         of existing activities, resources and materials
  • Estimation of key measures of operations
  • Creation of an appropriate computer model to
         analyze the processes
  • Simulation of the processes under varying
         scenarios to obtain measures of
         performance, capacity and utilization
  • Identification/assessment of tasks, activities,
         materials and present workflow patterns
  • Quantification of measures of operations -
         volumes, times, frequency, etc.
  • Flowcharting of all processes comprising
         scope of study
  • Identification of activities and decision points
         in the processes that represent opportunity
         for improvement
  • 3. Develop, Evaluate and Recommend
    Process Improvements and Solutions
  • Recommendations for process improvement
         - Reorganization, restructuring and/or
         - Automation
         - New technologies
  • General recommendations for improving
         and/or reengineering existing processes
  • 4. Evaluate Performance and Cost of the
    Recommended Solutions
  • Performance evaluation of the improved
         and/or reengineered processes resulting from
         the recommended solutions
  • Cost benefit analysis of the recommended
         process improvement/reengineering effort

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