SFGSM Business Process Evaluation/Reengineering (BPE/R) Consulting Services

Strategies For GrowthSM provides a full array of consulting services that assist client organizations in the design, implementation and management of their Business Process Evaluation/Reengineering (BPE/R) program initiatives. SFGSM also offers a wide range of experience and capabilities in providing total support to clients in addition to BPE/R consulting assistance.

These services include:

1. Business Process Evaluation and Reengineering (BPE/R)

    Business Process Evaluation/Reengineering (BPE/R) is a discipline that utilizes a variety of management techniques for the purpose of identifying the weaknesses in existing structure processes and practices, and looks toward ways in which these processes may be analyzed, evaluated and, ultimately, improved. BPE/R is focused on devising and prioritizing solutions to these identified problems through the reorganization of selected processes, re-distribution of tasks and process throughput, and the deployment of the appropriate information technology to achieve the desired enterprise objectives.

    SFGSM offers more than two decades of experience in both the product and services industry sectors. Our Business Process Evaluation/Reengineering programs are designed to assist client organizations in getting firmly on the track of continuous improvement, and making optimal use of their available resources. In conducting these types of consulting assignments, SFGSM makes extensive use of state-of-the-art BPR software modeling tools.

2. Logistic Analysis and Planning
    Over 30% of American companies' assets are invested in inventories, and the costs associated with carrying these inventories can place a very heavy burden on the bottom line. Implementing sophisticated forecasting methods, tightening inventory controls and optimizing requisition and replenishment policies may free up many of the resources tied to inventories for more productive uses, as well as improving availability and reducing the risk of accumulating outdated and/or obsolete inventories.

    SFGSM offers the following Logistic Analysis and Planning services:

    • Logistic audits tailored to the specific type of services operation and patterns of market-driven demand;
    • Development of optimal stocking and procurement policies to drive the recommended inventory management system; and
    • Development of effective inventory control and management systems.

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