Strategic and Marketing Planning
Consulting Programs

- Summary of Basic Consulting Programs, Main Program Elements and Principal Applications and Results -

Consulting Program Main Program Elements Applications/Results
1. Meeting Customer/Market
Needs and Requirements
  • Customer/Market Needs and
         Requirements Assessment
  • Customer/Market Survey
  • Service/Product Evaluation
  • Service/Product Gap Analysis
  • Identify Primary Customer
         Needs, Wants And Perceptions
  • Quantify Needs and Perceptions
  • Measure Company Performance
  • Identify Unmet Needs and Wants
  • 2. Identifying and Cultivating
    New Market Segments
  • Assessment of Vertical Market
         Needs and Requirements
  • Market Segment Surveys
  • New Technology Assessment
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Identify and Prioritize the Most
         Attractive Market Segments
  • Quantify Data by Segment
  • Identify New Service Products
  • Estimate Market Potential
  • 3. Defining and Implementing
    an Improved Business Process
  • Process Evaluation and
         Operations Assessment
  • Process Survey/Audit
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Management & Staff Training
  • Evaluate Effectiveness of
         Existing Business Processes
  • Identify Areas for Improvement
  • Define Improved Processes
  • Implement Improved Process
  • 4. Building a Strategic Marketing
    Plan for Continuous Quality
  • Strategic and Marketing
         Planning Framework
  • Alternative Strategic Options
  • Strategic Implications
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Establish a Formal Planning
  • Evaluate Alternative Options
  • Understand Impact of the Plan
  • Identify Proper Path to Follow
  • 5. Rolling Out an Effective and
    Targeted Services Marketing
  • Recommended Marketing Plan
  • Tactical Plan Implementation
  • Business Roll-Out
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Tracking
  • Develop Plan of Action
  • Execute Recommended Plan
  • Kick-off New/Improved Programs
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

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