Customer Relationship Case Study Profiles

After we finish a customer survey for one of our clients, oftentimes they request a special set of Customer Relationship Case Study Profiles, one for each of the completed customer interviews. Many of our clients like the way these individual profiles present detailed, case-specific information that may be used to "fix" customers on a one-by-one basis, as they move forward with the systematic "fixes" that are otherwise recommended by the strategic findings of the survey. In fact, many clients use this information on a prioritized case-by-case basis as they move forward - concurrently - with their systemwide improvement initiatives.

Basically, each profile presents the key findings from a single customer interview, including side-by-side comparisons of perceived importance vs. vendor performance for all of the performance attributes tested. As such, these profiles are enormously helpful toward gaining a better understanding of exactly how your services offerings (or your dealers' offerings) are being perceived by individual customers, and where particular points of vulnerability, disconnect or other potential problem areas may be occurring.

Through these profiles, we can also identify and "flag" areas of moderate, significant or severe customer vulnerability, as well as the root causes for why these problems may exist in the first place. Potential "kick-out" factors can also be easily identified. Ultimately, these individual case study profiles afford our clients a unique opportunity to utilize a customer-centric database that allows them to focus on the specific concerns of each interviewed customer, as well as from the aggregate survey base.

We have prepared a set of sample profiles for five different services segments for you to review and examine at your convenience. We have used similar formats for other clients, but would be happy to alter them accordingly, per your preference. For example, some clients prefer to have the key responses color-coded by positive/negative variance, with an overview assessment included on the last page.

Please take your time in reviewing, and get back to us at with any questions or comments that you may have. Note: All Customer Relationship Case Study Profiles are viewable using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader software, visit the Adobe Acrobat Reader Download site to obtain the reader and installation instructions.

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